Video Resources

Learning About Kidney for Life – What is an Eplet

The Kidney for Life initiative aims to provide better donor-recipient matches. This educational video provides insight into what an eplet is and how KFL promotes better eplet matching to lower the risk of rejection.

Growth Through Innovation: Improving Kidney Donor & Recipient Matching

Learn how the Kidney for Life program solved the poor kidney donor match problem, resulting in more compatible pairs entering the NKR, reducing the median waiting time for kidney transplants from one year to six weeks and increasing the success rate from 10% to 99%.

Finding a Better Match

Learn how the National Kidney Registry’s Kidney for Life initiative uses advanced kidney matching technology based on eplets to find the best living donor kidney for every recipient.

Is A Low Eplet Mismatch Worth the Wait?

Dr. Robert Montgomery discusses the pros and cons of the waiting period associated with looking for a low eplet mismatch, and how waiting increases a recipient’s chances of finding a low, or even zero, eplet mismatch.

Solving the Big Problem

Dr. Robert Montgomery discusses how paired kidney exchange contributes to eplet mismatch donation.

Immunosuppression Side Effects

Dr. Robert Montgomery discusses the side effects of immunosuppression and how those side effects can be minimized by getting a low eplet mismatch transplant.

Importance of Eplet Matching for Pediatric Patients

Dr. Robert Montgomery discuss the importance of eplet mismatching for pediatric patients.

Dr. Montgomery’s Personal Eplet Matching Story

Dr. Robert Montgomery discuss eplet mismatching and how he personally used this new matching technology to reduce his immunosuppression dosage after his heart transplant so that he could return to the operating room.

Future of Genetic Matching

Dr. Robert Montgomery discusses the future of low eplet mismatch donations and the long-term impact of patients receiving great matches.

Eplet Matching Clinical Trials

Dr. Robert Montgomery discuss the benefits that can be expected from receiving a low eplet mismatch transplant.

Dr. Montgomery Entire Interview

Dr. Robert Montgomery discusses eplet mismatching technology and its importance with respect to kidney donation.