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Kidney for Life Commitments

Transplant centers that participate in the Kidney for Life initiative agree to abide by the following set of commitments to ensure that patients receive the best match possible.

Kidney for Life centers and transplant professionals are:

  • Knowledgeable: Have read all of the eplet mismatch research on the About Kidney for Life page on the Kidney for Life website.
  • Educated: Have completed the NKR Kidney for Life training course.
  • Responsive: Will respond to Kidney for Life patient referrals within three business days.
  • Exacting: Will complete high-resolution tissue typing on donors and patients that are interested in the Kidney for Life initiative.
  • Analytic: Will review the NKR toolbox to determine the probability of finding a low eplet mismatch donor.
  • Proactive: Will provide antibody screening for patients at 30 days and annually post-transplant to proactively monitor for de novo DSA formation.
  • Equitable: Will offer the standard NKR donor protections and support (Donor Shield and living donor prioritization) to compatible pairs that cannot benefit from improved eplet matching. Specifically, patients with low eplet mismatch direct donors and patients with high eplet mismatch donors that are unlikely to find a low eplet mismatch donor in the NKR within a reasonable period of time.